Thursday, May 20, 2010


Hey, buddies!
If you're here, you've probably heard about the project. We are surf lovers. That’s the reason we went to Hawaii for the last 2 seasons with some friends from Brazil and California.

Talking about surf and environmental preservation we had an idea and created the Sustainable Surf Project, that aims to show the surf lifestyle and the involvement of surfers and other people in environmental conservation in a documentary, which began in December, 2009.

We chose Hawaii because it’s world reference in surfing, it’s a magical place where there is respect between people and harmonious relationship between people and nature. Because there all this began, because Hawaii is the first remembered place when we talk about surfing, is the reference of the media, although nowadays there are thousands of other natural paradise for surfing.

Being a reference, with a very large market in this segment, there are also many programs that encourage the preservation of beaches, native vegetation, non-pollution.

Well, let's talk about the project itself.

Our main goal is to produce a documentary about sustainable surfing. Sustainability is a current topic in the world. In few words, sustainability is to supply our needs without making our actions affect the ability of future generations to meet theirs.

The documentary aims to raise awareness, especially surfers. But also other people, the idea of awareness for the preservation of the environment must be widespread worldwide.

We want to educate and show solutions or simple actions that can make a difference now, especially in the future.

We want to show that surfing as sport brings benefits, the contact with nature, the peace we have when we are at sea and to show that we are grateful for nature give us that.

Action and information with a simple and direct language.
This is only a brief presentention, more info will come as soon as possible.

Conscious surfer, surfs beyond waves.
Stay tuned!

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